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I would encourage you to seek doctors and other treatment professionals who have head injury experience. Asking questions from people to have already received treatment is a great way to learn from their mistakes and successes. The following site lists support groups in every state in the USA. Contact the state organization for referrals on who has experience in treating head injury. The state agency may also be able to refer you to a local support group that meets close to where you live.


Chat rooms are a great way to "talk" with someone who has a head injury and understands what you are going through. This site has a TBI Chat Room plus offers a lot of good info:


I have a number of people who have e-mailed me right after a friend or family member is injured and is in a coma. Try the Coma Waiting page:


This site has a large number of reference tools and good support information.


Do you need to research issues in brain injury? This site gives free access to 5,000 plus medical journals. It lists abstracts of medical articles. The articles can then be ordered from you local library. The web site is:

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